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About Us

Welcome to SRK aesthetic and hair clinic

At SRK Clinic, we aim to deliver the highest quality medical care in a welcoming, compassionate, and therapeutic setting. We are one of the most admired hospitals in the Sonipat NCR because of our first-rate medical facilities and our passion and effort to provide outstanding care with empathy. We started a quest to raise awareness about aesthetics worldwide to fight and improve your appearance, which would help you socially and personally, after treating and transforming more than one lakh people for disorders such as skin, hair, and cosmetics. We provide various treatments for the face, skin, and hair. To perform properly with their experience, these treatments require qualified and expert doctors. 

With years of expertise, professional doctors, and degrees to back them up, SRK has a successful track record of satisfied customers. We take great satisfaction in being the pioneer and expert in aesthetic well-being. Our clinic is outfitted with cutting-edge technologies and the most sophisticated diagnostic tools, sourced from top worldwide manufacturers and supported by devoted specialists with local, regional, and global experience in medical science.


We aim to hold ourselves accountable to high visible, quantifiable, and relevant standards to all hospital departments and staff.


Our vision is to provide exceptional healthcare services through specialized knowledge, cutting-edge equipment, and attentive patient care.

Our Services

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Cosmetic Surgery

Profit from the experience of board-certified plastic surgeons who have spent decades working at the top institutions in the world.

Plastic Surgery

We offer a wide range of comprehensive surgical procedures for patients in need of both reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

Hair Treatment

We give each of our patients the best hair transplant service possible since we have a close working relationship with the best dermatologists and surgeons in the country.

Testimonial 1

Amazing experience...excellent hair transplant service with the latest technology. It is one of the best hair transplant clinics in Sonipat...I recommend everyone to go there.

Testimonial 2

It was a good and affordable laser treatment in terms of Price and Treatment; their center is near my home in Sonipat. I recommend visiting their clinic to all the citizens and ordinary people in Haryana and nearby areas.

Testimonial 3

Doctors are incredibly courteous and helpful…..Thank you for my glowing skin……highly recommend it if you suffer from skin and hair problems. Go for it!

Testimonial 4

I had dandruff and skin infection on my face for many years. I have tried treatments from many skin specialists, including treatments from renowned dermatologists, but SRK clinic proved to be the right destination. Thanks to the entire team of SRK clinic for such a fantastic treatment.


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Dr. N K kaushik

MD Cosmetologist & Dermetologist

Dr. Ram Kumar Dhanuka

MD Dermatologist& Cosmetologist
Dr Praveen Kaushik

Mr. Praveen Kaushik

Managing Director

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At SRK Clinic, we aim to deliver the highest quality medical care in a welcoming, compassionate, and therapeutic setting.


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