Hair Camouflage

Hair Camouflage

Hair Camouflage clinic in Sonipat

As one of the best Hair Camouflage Treatment clinics in Sonipat, it has highly qualified surgeons who know how to use the latest hair transplant repair techniques to hide ugly grafts and give patients a hairline that looks more natural.

The camouflaging procedure is done based on how each patient is doing. We use camouflage as a stand-alone technique if the grafts to be hidden aren’t too big, aren’t too close to the hairline, and have hair that grows in the right direction (forward).

If, on the other hand, the grafts need to be removed, we first remove all the grafts that came from a bad hair transplant, then we redistribute the hair from those grafts, and finally, we do camouflage. Our Hair Camouflage doctor in Sonipat has a lot of experience with all kinds of grafts that cause cosmetic problems for patients, such as grafts made using the old plug technique, mini grafts, slit grafts, and punch grafts. They also perform camouflaging procedures to give patients the best cosmetic results. 

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Does Scalp Camouflage Work on Both Men and Women?

Yes, definitely! Using this method, you can fix several hair problems. With scalp micropigmentation, it is possible to make hair-like skin follicles. The results look like freshly shaved heads, but if put between longer hair, they look like shades that make it look thick.

Men and women can have thin hair and bald spots, but men are likelier to have male-pattern baldness and a receding hairline. It can also make areas with sparse hair look better, not just places without hair.

If a larger area of baldness is treated, it looks like the hair has been shaved off and is just starting to grow back. The perfect solution for people who don’t have much hair or don’t have any hair at all and cut their hair very short anyway.

But it can also make longer, thinner hair thicker and fuller. With the dotting method, the spaces between the natural strands are darkened, making it look like there are more hairs. This method works well on women, no matter how long their hair is. There will still be thin hair, but it won’t be as noticeable.

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How much does it cost to have your hair camouflaged in Sonipat?

Many things can change the Hair Camouflage Treatment Cost in Sonipat, but the size of the area being treated is one of the most important ones. The scar camouflage and receding hairlines are the cheapest, and complete head treatment is the most expensive.

We can determine how much it will cost to treat your case by looking at how much work needs to be done. You can talk to us at the Hair Camouflage clinic in Sonipat for more information. 


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