Lip Augmentation Treatment

Lip Augmentation Treatment

Lip Augmentation Clinic in Sonipat

With lip augmentation, you will restore your face’s beauty by making your lips bigger and giving them a better shape.

The goal of lip augmentation is to make the lips look better. People born with thin lips who want to improve the look of their face by making their lips bigger should get the Best Lip Augmentation Treatment clinic in Sonipat. Depending on the need, we can treat only one lip, or both lips can be made more prominent simultaneously. You can get bigger lips by getting an injection in the lips or by getting a lip implant. A lip augmentation doctor in Sonipat can make the lips look fuller, which makes a face look better because the lips are such a prominent feature. At our clinic, we can use many natural and artificial materials to change the shape of lips through augmentation. 

If you’ve decided to get lip augmentation, you’re probably wondering about Lip Augmentation Treatment Costs in Sonipat. Whether dermal fillers or surgery are used to change the shape of your lips will affect how much it will cost. You should always use fillers from a well-known international brand and choose a cosmetic surgeon with a lot of experience. This will help you get the results you want from your process.

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Types of Lip Augmentation

Indirect lip-lift

This procedure has the same effect as the direct lip lift, but the incisions are hidden at the base of the nose to make the scars less obvious. The procedure will make the lips look fuller and more natural by enhancing the “pout” and rolling the red lip outward. Just like with the direct lip lift, this method will make more of the front teeth visible. Patients with thin upper lips, a long distance between their lips and nose so that not enough front teeth show, and a clear lip line are good candidates for this method. Results are permanent, but it takes a few months to return to normal.

Direct lip-lift

The skin just above the red part of the upper lip is taken off. The procedure makes the red lip look taller and closes the gap between the upper red lip and the nose. When you use this method in Lip Augmentation Clinic in Sonipat, more of your front teeth will be visible, which can look better. Results last forever, but there is swelling for one to two weeks, and it takes several months to recover fully.

Lip corner lift

If the corners of a person’s lips hang down, the lip corner lift can help. A small triangle-shaped cut in the skin around the corner of the upper lip can make the corner of the lip stand up in a way that looks good. There will be scars that can be seen. In general, the results of surgery are permanent. However, surgery doesn’t stop ageing, so the lips will change as they age. 

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