Pigmentation Removal Treatment

Pigmentation Removal

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Hyperpigmentation is an abnormal skin darkening caused by an excess of melanin synthesis. This form of pigmentation may affect the whole body or simply the face. Face melanoses (FM) is one of the most frequent skin pigmentation issues in Indian patients, producing cosmetic deformity and severe psychological damage. Our Pigmentation Removal  Treatment clinic in Sonipat is recognized as the finest skin clinic in Sonipat for treating pigmentation. To determine the source and kind of pigmentation, the doctor conducts a thorough history and physical examination of the patient. The diagnosis of this typically rests on clinical symptoms.

 In a few rare circumstances, however, if hyperpigmentation is confirmed, our doctor may take a skin sample or perform a biopsy to determine the reason for your skin’s pigmentation.

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Using sunscreen, minimizing sun exposure, and utilizing hats and scarves are all preventative measures that may assist with hyperpigmentation management. As the best Pigmentation Removal  Treatment clinic in Sonipat, we start the treatment by exfoliating the skin with a diamond-tipped microdermabrasion tool. 

Using microneedles, the Pigmentation Removal  Treatment doctor in Sonipat injects tiny droplets of antioxidants, amino acids, and vitamin concoctions into the deeper layer of the skin to nourish the skin. The Laser beam targets the pigment present superficially and deeper in the skin resulting in a lightening of the skin. It functions through selective photothermolysis, and the subsequent thermal damage produces new collagen, contributing to skin renewal. 

Our method aids skin remodeling and regeneration, better texture and surface irregularities, and reduced pigment and offers a better price for Pigmentation Removal  Treatment Cost in Sonipat. For any pigmentation or skin-related treatment, simply reach out to us. We have a team of efficient doctors to take care of your every small to big issues. 

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